New Los Angeles ordinance on backyard homes

After several years, the city of Los Angeles passed the new ordinance on ADUs, SB-1069 Land use: zoning.  These housing units are termed “Accessory Dwelling Units” (ADUs), or nicknamed granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages.  The laws change requirements for parking, setbacks, fees, and permits, reducing some of the barriers that previously made it difficult to build ADUs.  It expands on the California state law that was passed in 2016, setting the process in motion to simplify adding secondary units on most properties. The Tiny Advocacy Network helped organize constituents to attend meetings of the city council over these many months.  Their advocacy ensured that council members heard from those of us who want to build tiny homes, and that movable tiny homes were included in the language of this ordinance.  Learn more about LATCH Collective and the Tiny Advocacy Network, and sign up for their newsletter at the bottom of the page.

I am currently wading through the text of the ordinance, and working on an infographic to communicate the information in an easier format.  There are new definitions for Junior ADUs and movable tiny homes, and requirements that each must follow.  In addition, all new units must stay within the requirements for their existing zone and height district, specific plan, historic preservation, and other ordinances.  This may present complications, but I hope Angelenos start building all over the city!