What do you picture?

What do you wish you had? An art space? Solar panels? Someone to watch your child for a few hours? Or a greater sense of community? Why not share your goals with others. Right now, I have a cramped apartment in Santa Monica that I pay too much for. If I combined my funds and skills with others, I imagine we could get a lot more value. Being a renter prevents me from going after many of my sustainability and lifestyle goals. I am more motivated when I do things with other people, when it is a group project, and I feel more secure in figuring out difficult issues such as financing and building maintenance with the group. 

Announcing an interest group on types of housing where members create a community together. Examples include intentional communities, co-ops, cohousing projects, pocket neighborhoods, and more. Cohousing gives us a chance to be invested in where we live. Currently, people have no interest in taking care of their spaces, because they view it as temporary, and don’t know the neighbors. 

I would like to find others who are interested in cohousing or a cooperative style of housing. It would be individual homes/apartments, plus some shared spaces such as a yard, work space, community building. The space would take into account people’s needs for shared space and private space, and peoples’ sense of how much or how little they want to do together.

It could take any of several forms, such as sharing a building, or just neighbors who share some space. The long term idea is to form a nonprofit corporation that buys a plot of land or a building, and people own shares in the corporation.   This would allow people to help each other out and make our lives easier.